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What is a Food Hub?





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Produce on our farm is grown without the use of chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.  Sustainable practices such as crop rotation, cover crops, and habitat for beneficial insects are used. Produce is hand-picked and packaged, with food safety always a priority.

Prairies Past

Dakota Fresh Board of Directors

A food hub provides aggregation, distribution and marketing services to producers allowing them to access retail, institutional and commercial food service markets. This benefits producers by giving them more time to focus on production, resulting in higher incomes and opportunities to increase production. Food hubs can be producer-owned like Dakota Fresh, or owned and operated by a third party, and according to the USDA, are an increasingly common and important part of the food value chain. Food hubs benefit communities too, by increasing everyone's access to fresh, nutritious, local food.


Jared Hanisch, Vice President

Kristianna Gehant Siddens, President

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Our Mission
The Dakota Fresh Food Hub strives to produce and provide high quality, safe, healthy food to our region while fostering strong relationships among producers, customers and our communities.

Who We Are
Dakota Fresh, LLC. is a group of producers within a 100-mile radius of Sioux Falls selling healthy produce and meats to wholesale buyers in our region. We sell our own naturally grown and raised products: fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs. Our customers are restaurants, grocery stores, food co-ops and specialty food stores in the region. As we grow, we hope to provide our products to local institutions as well. If you are a producer who would like to join us or you are interested in buying our products, please go to our contact page and let us know. We will contact you as soon as possible!  

Cindy Nelson, Secretary

Lisa Smith, Treasurer

Prairies Past is a small family farm in the southwestern corner of Minnesota. Having grown up on a diversified livestock and crop operation in South Dakota, farming is part of my roots. I helped tend a large garden with my family each summer, and this evolved into a life-long passion for growing things and caring for the environment. Being able to produce healthy food for our family and customers while preserving the environment for future generations is rewarding. And digging in the dirt is therapeutic.